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New freestyle dance video from World of Dance’s Open Floor series featuring me, Marlee Hightower, and Aye Hasegawa :) This was a fun shoot!

"The Finger Family" | FingerTut | Ft. JayFunk

My huge collaboration fingertutting project with Strobe, CTut, Era, Pnut, and Nemesis! I hope you guys enjoy :)

JayFunk | Kill Paris | Fingertutting [FCS-Z]

Here is my first collaboration fingertutting video with Abis Akolawala from FarCry Studio-Z! The idea behind this project was to showcase two freestyle processes at once: my freeflow fingertutting and Abis Akolawala’s improvisations behind the camera. I hope you guys enjoy our work :) 

Please Like/Share if you dig it! Thank you guys for all your support!

My new concept video with farcrystudioz is releasing soon! Here’s a sneak peek from the editor himself :)

(Photo by: farcrystudioz)


(Photo by: farcrystudioz)

Santa Monica, CA.
(Photo by: farcrystudioz)

Santa Monica, CA.

(Photo by: farcrystudioz)

JayFunk & Socks | Pumpkin Kings

Ghouls and goblins. Creatures of the night.

Unleash your powers of magic and light!

Happy Halloween! :)

JayFunk | Mirror

Had some fun making trippy shit with new techniques I’ve been working on. Thought you guys might like to see :)

JayFunk | Fingertut Practice Session

Just messing around with some fingertuts. This is now an unintentional Cheez-Its commercial lol.

JayFunk x Ice Kream Teddy | Puzzle Box Freestyle

Here’s a double lightshow I freestyled with my homie Ice Kream Teddy! Tutting with a friend opens up a lot of new and unique possibilities :)

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